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Stop overwatering your plants

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The biggest problem home gardeners face is overwatering. So, stop doing it.

If you need to, buy a moisture meter — go for it, they’re cool, or just be like the rest of us and feel the soil. If it is dry, give that green baby some water. If it is moist, put down the watering can, Shannon!

A good way to tell if your plant needs some good ol’ H20 is if the leaves are curling, even then — check the soil.

This is particularly important during this season where we lose more daylight.  The plant is conserving energy, and not showing as much growth. It is not dead, it wants to nap.  The roots are still growing and healthy as can be.

Don’t overwater it.

If you do encounter an issue with overwatering- repot your plant in new, dry soil. A great home remedy for root rot (if it’s not past the point of no return) is to put cinnamon on the roots, or mix into the soil. It’s natural and will help dry extra moisture.

Don’t go crazy though.