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Vendor Spotlight: Radiate Yoga

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At Botanicals and Brews, we love our vendors!  This month we wanted to spotlight one of our favorite vendors/event holders, Radiate Yoga!   You can follow Radiate Yoga on their Instagram, or by visiting their website!

Here is our interview with Alayssia!

Namaste, I’m Alayssia – the owner of Radiate Yoga based in Indian Shores, FL!

Q: What got you into starting your own business? 

A: Yoga has changed my life in so many ways, and I like to think about it as this toolbox I get to carry with me to help navigate life’s ups and downs. I started Radiate Yoga in September of this year to share the gift of yoga with others. I was so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Botanicals and Brews and 7venth Sun because it’s such a fun, welcoming environment for people who’ve always been curious about taking a yoga class without the pressure or intimidation of signing up at a studio!

My #ProudTeacherMoment is after the first Botanicals and Brews Yoga event in September, a student said that was his first time doing yoga. Since then, he attended a beach yoga class and told me he’s now practicing three times a week! That is exactly why I started Radiate Yoga!

Q: If you could recommend one product to someone wanting to try your brand, what would you recommend and why?

A: I know it might sound cliché, but I would recommend yoga to everyone! There is a yoga practice suitable for all bodies, ages, etc. even if you have past injuries, there is a way to honor your body and practice yoga. I love when people say to me, “I can’t do yoga … I’m not flexible” because in my head, I’m thinking, “ok, challenge accepted, and we’re going to bend those knees!” So don’t be afraid to try new studios and instructors to find a practice you enjoy. There are many ways you can customize and modify your practice so it feels good for your unique body ❤

Not only does yoga bring many physical benefits to your body, but with regular practice, you will feel more balanced mentally. I recommend to any first-timer or beginner to the yoga practice to let your breath guide you. If you notice your breath becoming shallower in a certain pose or flow, that’s a signal to gently back off a bit, modify or maybe just find a resting post to come back to your breath. Breath is the most essential part of your yoga practice – so if you can breathe mindfully – you CAN do yoga.

Q: Favorite Plant?

A: My favorite plant is the ones that do not die on me – LOL! So right now, my monstera and bird of paradise are thriving!

Q: Favorite style of brew?

A: I love IPAs and sours – or, better yet, a Sour IPA 🙂

Thank you Alayssia for taking the time to interview with the Botanicals and Brews team and thank you for always being such a great teacher!

You can follow Alayssia and Radiate Yoga on their Instagram, or by visiting their website!

You can also find Alayssia from Radiate Yoga every First Sunday of the month at the Botanicals and Brews Seventh Sun Market for Bend & Beer!