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Vendor Spotlight: The Rookery Candles

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At Botanicals and Brews, we love our vendors!  This month we wanted to spotlight one of our favorites, The Rookery Candles!   You can follow The Rookery Candles on their Facebook, Instagram, or buy directly from their shop.

The Rookery Candles Logo

Here is our interview with Rook!

Hi there! My name is Rook and I’m the owner and creator of The Rookery Candles! With over two years in business, I absolutely love what I do and expanding my craft.

Rook from The Rookery Candles


Q: What got you into starting your own business? 

A: I started making candles out of baby food jars after my then 6-month-old was going through baby food like crazy. I can’t just throw out a good jar, y’know! Originally they were meant to be gifts for family and friends but once I started posting them online, people really showed an interest and it has just grown from there.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a vendor?

A: I love being a vendor because it gives me and my product the opportunity to get to meet and connect with my community. Plus, who doesn’t love smelling all the candles?

The Rookery Candles set up at a market with products, candles, lip balm, and more

Q: If you could recommend one product to someone wanting to try your brand, what would you recommend and why?

A: If I could recommend one product from my brand it would have to be the intention tea lights. These tea lights are time-consuming to make but that’s because I really put a lot of research into the intention and what crystals and herbs coordinate with it. Each tea light has its own affirmation and burns for much longer than your average tea light.

Q: Favorite plant?

A: My favorite plant at this time (because it changes quite often!) would be Datura which is also known as Jimsonweed and Devil’s Trumpet. It’s poisonous but so beautiful.

Q: Favorite style of brew? (If not beer/cider, coffee or tea is just as yummy!)

A: And finally, usually if I’m out grabbing a drink with friends, a hard cider or mead is my go-to! What can I say? I like the sweeter things in life 😉

Thank you Rook for taking the time to interview with the Botanicals and Brews team and thank you for always being such a great vendor!

Once again you can follow The Rookery Candles on their Facebook, Instagram, or buy directly from their shop!